Marina Vern

Studio Potter in
Marina Vern Collectibles
Grand Manan Island, Canada


I’ve been an artist since the day I was born, that’s what my mother says. As long as I remember, only things, that could be used to make something, interested me. I loved to build, carve, paint, sew and so on. Playing with mud, creating something that did not exist before was a favorite past time during my early childhood. But I began seriously working with clay only after 20 years of being a painter…

Clay is a divine material, there are no limits, to what can be made from clay.

I love to work on the potter’s wheel, creating functional pottery. Seeing my pottery in someone’s kitchen or on dinner table brings me enormous joy! And I love to hand build whimsical items, which will make people Smile. It is very rewarding to combine two techniques – wheel throwing and hand building, that’s how my popular French saltcellars are made.

My latest passion – ocean, it surrounds my new home island and it is now in my heart for good. I designed and produce a line of functional pottery – mugs, bowls, butter dishes, plates and platters, Soap dishes and etc. All these items are glazed with my blue-green glaze made by me from raw materials. This glaze beautifully plays on fishing net imprint, made with real bait pocket.

Teaching pottery is my passion too. I love to see excitement my students experiencing, when making something they never did before. It is such a joy to see other people falling in love with clay!